AAPOR Transparency Initiative

Join us in our effort to encourage transparency in the reporting of survey methodology. For a brief overview and list of benefits of participating in the Transparency Initiative, click here. There are five steps to join the AAPOR Transparency Initiative:
  1. REGISTER: Register and identify an Organization Contact to coordinate with AAPOR and then return to the home page to proceed to step #2.

  2. CERTIFICATE AGREEMENT/TRAINING: Review and complete AAPOR’s Transparency Certification Agreement to be uploaded in step #3 as a supplementary file. As part of this agreement, you will need to certify that all employees with job responsibilities that include the methodology content of survey reports, press releases and any other forms of survey data disclosure, have been properly trained in Transparency Initiative principles and procedures. Click here to access seven short educational modules that staff should review to meet this requirement.

  3. SUBMISSIONS: Once logged in, click on the "User Home" tab to submit two separate examples of your methodological reporting (from two independent studies if at all possible) that you believe are compliant with the Transparency Initiative disclosure standards. To ensure a quick review, be sure to annotate your submissions so that each disclosure element is identified. For examples of annotated methodological reports, click here. At this step you will also be able to upload the signed Certification Agreement. NOTE: your submission will not be considered complete until you have uploaded "Methodological Report Example 1" AND "Methodological Report Example 2". Please DO NOT mistake the supplementary file uploads for "Methodological Report Example 2". Example 1 and Example 2 are two separate submissions.The submission file should be uploaded as an OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, PDF, or RTF file.

  4. APPLICATION FEE: Once all application materials are finalized and approved, submit a Transparency Initiative application fee (Note: application fees will be waived during the first year of the Transparency Initiative's operation).

  5. MAINTENANCE: Maintain certification on an annual basis by reconfirming your commitment to transparency by re-signing the Transparency Certification Agreement and submitting an annual membership fee

For more details regarding participation in the Transparency Initiative, click Here for our Terms & Conditions.

For a list of frequently asked questions, click here.


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